Cookie management on the website


  1. Cookie Policy

This policy applies to cookies on websites operated by Botrytis Borhotel Kft. (registered office: 3909 Mád, Batthyány utca 10. company registration number: 05-09-020848, tax number: 23060933-2-05)


  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are installed on your browser or device by the website or application you are currently viewing. The resulting connection may include information such as the IP address of your device or the type of browser used. Cookies are „passive”, i.e. they do not contain executable files, viruses or spyware and do not have access to data on the user’s hard drive.


  1. What are cookies used for?

These files allow us to recognise the user’s browsing device and thus display relevant content or advertising tailored to the user’s needs, to improve our products and services and to keep our services secure. Using the statistical results obtained, the structure and content of the site can be adapted to best satisfy the needs of our users while maintaining their anonymity.


  1. What cookies do we use?

Botrytis Borhotel Kft. uses two types of cookies: periodic and permanent. The former are temporary files that remain on the user’s device until the end of the logged-in period or until the browser is closed. Persistent cookies are present on the user’s device for the period specified in their parameter (or until they are manually broken).


  1. What are cookies used for?

During a visit, the website may place cookies on the user’s device used to surf the Internet for the following purposes:

  • Website Performance Measurement
  • Website authentication
  • Analysis and research


  1. Do cookies contain personal data?

Most cookies do not require any personal data to work effectively, so in the vast majority of cases the cookie does not identify the user. The data collected during the use of cookies are stored in accordance with the privacy policy and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.


  1. Delete cookies

By default, the browsers used to access websites allow cookies to be placed on your device. These settings can be changed. Information on how to manage cookies can be found in your browser settings. Please note that disabling/restricting the use of cookies may negatively affect the functionality of certain features of the site.

  1. Security and data security factor

However, cookies can also be used for negative purposes. Since they store information about the user’s needs and navigation history, they can even be used as spyware on a particular website. Accordingly, many anti-virus programs continuously delete cookies during various computer scan processes (full system scan, real-time protection, etc.). Since information is constantly flowing between the website and the browser in both directions through cookies, if an attacker interferes with the data transmission, the information stored by the cookie can be tracked. If browsing is done via an unencrypted Internet access network (e.g. WiFi network without adequate encryption), the likelihood of an attack increases significantly