Aszúház – House of noble wines

In the Aszúház visitors can become part of rich history of the noble wines at a modern exhibition which is one of the country’s most exciting one. Design, art and media, and even gastronomy meets here at the same time allowing visitors to learn about the legacy and history of the Tokaj wine region.

Első Mádi Borház wine house and its adventurous “slope-tours”

The mission of Első Mádi Borház as a wine house is to present the work of wine makers in Mád and its purest essence. You can taste the wines of 13 local wineries here and their best pairing dishes. The wine house is also the starting point of the so-called “slop-tours” in partnership with the Gusteau fine dining restaurant and the Szent Tamás Winery and Vineyard.

Percze Experience Center

The sports-and tourism center is also an exciting recreational facility in the heart of Tokaj region, Mád. Outstanding leisure-and sports opportunities await for the travelers who can also find local specialties in the unique-style bistro of the center.

The synagogue of Mád

The town’s synagogue was built in 1785 and counts as one of the oldest in Hungary. Families of wine merchants and wine makers built it and although it went through several reconstructions, today it stands in its finest light thanks to the work of the Jewish Heritage Grant program of the New York World Monuments Fund.

Roman catholic church

Mád’s Roman Catholic church was built int 1525-526, originally as a guarding tower. According to the year engraved above the entrance it was probably dedicated in the honor of the Holy Trinity in 1653.

Protestant church

The protestant church of Mád was built in the early 1800’s and was burnt down several times. Its latest reconstruction happened in the 1980’s when it was given a new frontage and a tower, and also re-painted. The tower of the 400-seat historic church is 28 m high with two bells inside.

Rákóczi-Aspremont castle

The Rákóczi-Aspremont castle in the main street of Mád was probably built up in the 16th-17th century. Through the centuries it operated as a farm building, as a mansion of aristocracy and today it gives home to the Barta cellar which renovated the building. The castle of the Rákóczi family now shines just like in the old times.